Sailor Manyo Nekoyanagi Vs. Fuji Ink Swatch Comparison

Sailor's new Dual Shading Manyo inks left some people confused, the packaging looks incredibly similar to previously released Sailor Manyo colors. Primarily Nekoyanagi/Fuji and Haha/Hinoki. Here are some swatches to help clear the confusion. The inks actually are not very similar on the page at all. 
sailor manyo fountain pen ink nekoyanagi swatch
Sailor Nekoyanagi primarily writes as a light purple and slightly sheens into a green color. This ink is very soft and not the most legible on the page with finer nib sizes. 
sailor manyo dual shading fountain pen ink fuji swatch
The new Fuji color is comparatively a much deeper purple than Nekoyanagi and looks to have a little grey in it as well. It sheens to green, but also sheens the slightest bit to blue. 

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