Esterbrook Brass Pen Stand - Patience the Tortoise

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This newest addition to Esterbrook's desk accessories collection is Patience the Tortoise!Patience is your new desk buddy, friend, and confidant. Oh, and most importantly, a pen rest!

Esterbrook's antique brass tortoise sits elegantly on your desk, holding any of your prized pens where you can easily admire them. It also serves as a reminder that if we are methodical and steady, we will emerge triumphant and that having a little fortitude can make all the difference.

He is this small, but mighty protector of your daily writers whether you require some patience, or you think it would make the perfect gift and sentiment for someone else.

Patience will hold three pens and has a shell caddy for ink cartridges, paper clips, whatever you wish. All of this and a virtue to boot. Who could ask for more? You can also angle 1 pen diagonally if you choose as well. 

Patience is the reminder on your desk that slow and steady wins the race. The tortoise has been a symbol of great strength and a steadfast mind in many cultures and time periods throughout history. This pen rest for your daily writers is a keepsake and a cue that endurance and persistence always prevail even against incredible odds.

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop.”-Confucius