Namiki Yukari Chinkin Fountain Pen - Bamboo and Sparrow

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Pilot is excited to announce the launch of the newest addition to the Chinkin collection, “Bamboo and Sparrow,” Yukari maki-e fountain pen. This incredible fountain pen features a stunning sparrow motif surrounded by  elegant bamboo, painstakingly etched and filled in with gold powder. The symbolism of bamboo is strong and  positive, hence the Japanese proverb "The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists".  Represented in pairs, it doubles the luck factor. The sparrow, considered a songbird, brings good times with  family or friends. A sparrow also is used in Japanese folklore and artwork to denote a gentle natured, intellectual person.  

The renowned artisan, Yasuji Sumi, used the unique Chinkin technique to create this design. Each pen is truly a  masterpiece. Remarkable skill and impeccable craftsmanship bring the sparrow and bamboo to life through the  complex patterns of carved dots and lines that are illuminated with gold powder. Since Chinkin is a carving  technique, there is no room for mistakes. Every single carve is a true challenge in the sense of the word. The  result is breathtaking. The Yukari Chinkin Bamboo and Sparrow is available with a #10 18 karat gold nib in Medium.

Note: Carefully dry test this pen before filling, any Namiki pen filled with ink is not available for return or exchange. Feel free to stop by our store located in Los Angeles to view the pens in person!