Pelikan Souverän M800 Fountain Pen - 40 Years of Souverän (Limited Edition)

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To celebrate 40 years of Souverän, Pelikan is celebrating with an exclusive limited edition fountain pen. A highlight of this spectacular Limited Edition in the Souverän size M800 is the golden ring. This pen comes in a medium nib size. The fine lines are diamond-ground and highlight the significance of the quintessential Souverän® striped design. They run up and down this highly desirable writing instrument with endless grace. It is an icon of the utmost elegance that combines the intricate details betting a limited edition.

There is a virtue that has distinguished all Souverän®- family writing instruments since 1982. This virtue is called permanence. Not everyone can adapt and still remain true to who they are. It demands a strong character and uniqueness. The quintessential Pelikan stripes, for instance, are an unmistakable symbol of the Souverän® brand. For decades, they have been a source of fascination for fans around the world. The black-and-green striped anniversary icon pays tribute to this classic status betting a sovereign. With a new special limited edition, it rekindles old desires – desires that will never fade. It attests to permanence and complete harmony. In Asian cultures, the eight is even a harbinger of

prosperity. This anniversary edition is limited to 888 pieces worldwide, with each one’s individual serial number certifying its uniqueness. An object of endless desirability

This pen features a special engraved 18kt M gold nib, with a piston filling mechanism.