Sailor Seasonal Festival Series - Professional Gear Slim (14k)

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Each pen in the Seasonal Festival Series by Sailor is presented as an elegant set that is carefully packaged to include a matching color ink from the Sailor Shikiori (4 Seasons) Ink series. All fountain pens in this series are available with a 14K gold nib. 

Revel in some of Japan’s traditional celebrations with the Seasonal Festival Series by Sailor. Each fountain pen in this series was designed in honor of one of the five seasonal festivals that take place in Japan each year.

-First up is the Seri, designed in a gentle green to represent the Jinjitsu Festival which focuses on good health in the coming year.

-Next there is the Momo, a pastel pink to go along with the Joshi Festival that celebrates good health and growth of girls.

A deep gray blue pen, Koi goes alongside the Tango Festival, which celebrates the good health and growth of boys.

-Then, a brighter teal pastel pen called Sasa represents the Tanabata Festival, that centers on wishing for dreams to come true.

-Finally, there is Kiku, a soft coral that parallels the Choyo Festival—a celebration of long life.