Traveler's Notebook 2023 Refills - Standard Size

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These refills come in three different formats for the 2023 year. Both of the weekly refills will come as 2 books each with 6 months of the year. 

1.The Monthly Refill includes the view of an entire month over two pages, which is great for planning events in the future, or documenting accomplishments in the past. There is also ample space along the bottom of the page for you to write down notes or reminders for the month.

2.Weekly Horizontal plus Memo Refill features a weekly diary with a page worth of memo space. On the left side, a weekly dated section allows you to write your plans for 2023. On the right side, a grid memo section is a free space for you to document whatever you like, through drawings or writing or any creative projects. 

The grid lines are printed lightly to not interfere with your writing. 2022 DIARY series refills are made with MD paper, which gives a smooth writing experience with all kinds of writing instruments. The Weekly plus Memo Refill comes in a set of two books, with six months in each book.

3.Weekly Vertical is a dated refill that features a vertical diary that is useful for keeping track of schedules on a timely basis. Each week is displayed across two pages with vertical timelines from 8:00 to 22:00 in 30 minutes increments. You can utilize the vertical timeline for scheduling and time-blocking or use it to mark dates and event details.

There is a free note section at the bottom of each week, as well as small monthly calendars to reference on the rightmost side of the page. The Weekly Vertical Refill comes in a set of two books, with six months in each book.