Nib Grinding is back!

September 23rd, stay tuned!

Personalization Event

Experience the creativity of customizing your own Leuchtturm1917 notebook

Saturday, September 23rd - 11am - 2pm

Save 40% on Select Pens

TWSBI ECO Indigo Blue with Bronze

Available now!

FPTP x Troublemaker

FLAX is proud to offer three exclusive inks from Troublemaker available online and in store.

Troublemaker inks are an artisanal alternative to contemporary fountain pen inks. Everything from the mixing, bottling, and packaging is done by hand. From one small business to another show your support for the little guys! Troublemaker inks maintain an economic price-to-mL ratio because they don't put a premium on them. 100% of your purchase goes to the materials, transport, and directly supporting the people creating your ink.

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Exciting news! We have received a fresh supply of 2024 PLOTTER refills. Now is the perfect moment to streamline and structure your work. Click the link below to discover our full selection.

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