About Us - Flax Pen to Paper

Flax Pen to Paper is located in Westwood Village and offers a curated selection fine pens, bespoke and boxed paper goods, greeting cards and gifts for every occasion including fine writing papers, small leather goods, journals, photo albums, desk accoutrements, artisan glass and jewelry and baby/toddler gifts and activity items. We have a selection of fine pens from brands such as Caran d'Ache, Cross, Diplomat, Graf von Faber-Castell, Pelikan, Penlux, Pilot/Namiki, Pineider, Montegrappa, Monteverde, Retro51, Sailor, Taccia, Tibaldi, TWSBI, Visconti and many more. We are also here for your custom stationery, card, invitations, design and other print needs. Our tradition has been in-person service for more than 50 years, but we are available to serve you by telephone and email as well as through limited offerings online. 

Please browse our site for more information about our history and products. As our stock-in-trade has always been personal, in-store service, you won't find all of our items available for purchase through the website but, even if you are unable to come and see us, we can answer questions and work with you by phone at  (310) 208-3529. Of course, you are always welcome to visit us in person at1078 Gayley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024 but we understand, in these days, you might want to save a trip or limit your contact with others. Rest assured we will do everything we can to serve you. We look forward to it!

With prices ranging from just a few dollars to several thousand dollars, you may find it difficultto leave empty-handed. Of course, you can always enjoy reveling in the colors and textures of theirextraordinary sheets of paper and envelopes or browsing the ever-changing selection of gifts. Recent additions include the artistry of Fritz Glass, which you’ll see hanging in the window and displayed near the front of the store. “Fritz” is a personal friend blowing glass on Cape Cod, so it isn’t likely that you’ll find his work anywhere else on the west coast. As you work your way toward the back, limited edition pens or the wonderful plush characters, books and activity items we’ve added in the baby/toddler sections might catch your eye. Whatever your interest, we trust you’ll love the “experience” of shopping at Flax.

Our History 

Meyer Flax opened his first art supply store on 7th Street in downtown Los Angeles in 1931. Little did he know that what he started would become a Westwood Village institution. The legendary FLAX Art Supplies at the Lindbrook location (one of the first stores in Westwood Village) was opened by Meyer's son Harvey in 1950. For over 50 years it stood as a landmark for artists and creative people. In 2002, when Harvey retired, his daughter, Joan, and her husband, Phil, decided to open a new store and go in a new direction; they set out to create their “dream” store. “We were driving home on the 405 one night, talking about a special place where pens and papers are sold together in a totally unique way … where people will enjoy spending time.” Phil remembers it well.

Keeping with the family tradition of a Westwood village location, Joan and Phil created Flax Pen to Paper on Gayley Avenue. The store is a glass and wood architectural masterpiece where light floods in and walls of color tantalize your senses. The pleasurable surroundings lead up to what rests within the elegant cases: some of the most exquisite pens in the world, with models for everyone from serious collectors to students. In 2020, Phil and Joan entrusted the store to their friend, Jeremy Saumure (near to his 5th year “Flaxiversary”), who works with Jeremy Schuster, Gabriela Acevides-Mendez and Ryan Finnegan to serve you and source unique items to keep you visiting and patronizing Flax Pen To Paper. You might even see Joan or Phil some days.  

A little more history

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  • The FLAX "F"

    The Flax "F" and trademark design was commissioned in 1949 by Harvey Flax and is the artistic work of Louis Danziger. It is composed of perfect squares assembled to form the letter "F" and was originally intended as a private label for a line of rubber cement, but was adopted by the Flax family businesses to create a unified brand image. Louis Danziger has been recognized as one of the best graphic designers in the United States, having done work for Microsoft, A&M Records and many others; he is the 1998 recipient of the AIGA award for "standards of excellence over a lifetime of work." Featured in the book American Modernism: graphic design 1920–1960, the authors state “The ‘F’ is simply constructed, bold in weight and adaptable to many applications." [1] The Flax 'F' is in the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art.