Sailor Trunk Show 7/23/22 - Los Angeles, California

Sailor Trunk Show 7/23/22 - Los Angeles, California

Our Sailor Trunk Show is a few days away! A Trunk Show is when a distributor comes in with many different products our store normally doesn’t carry. Bellow are some photographs of the many fountain pens Sailor will present. (Some are not allowed to be advertised online.) In addition to pens, there will be inks to choose from and a special guest - the talented nibsmith Matthew Chen, who will be adjusting and grinding in store! Any pens purchased from Sailor during the event can have a priority complimentary tuning. You can bring your pens subject to Matthew's availability. The show will begin at 11:00am and wind down at 5:00pm.
Flax Pen to Paper is located a 1078 Gayley Ave Los Angeles, California.
Street Parking is available, and there is a parking garage on Broxton Ave about two blocks away. 

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Manyo Ink Pens - $280

Each pen comes with a matching bottle of ink. Just released! 

Sailor Pro Gear Knight to E4 (Limited Edition) - $460 

This pen pays homage to the knight chess piece and is the first in the Checkmate Series by Sailor. It has a beautiful pearlescent charcoal body, gold trim and a bicolor 21k gold nib. This pen also has  an elegant custom finial with a chess knight design. 

The Sailor Professional Gear 2022 Color of the Year - Soda Pop Blue

Will be available in either the slim size ($280) or in the standard size ($392) based on availability. A bubbly bright blue body, with a slight sparkle will make your journaling sessions pop!
Sailor Trunk Show - scultpted ebonite fountain pen

Sailor Ebonite Sculpture Series - $792

Each pen in this series pays homage to different elements of the night that are especially pleasing: Yogazsumi (Night Haze; far right), Yakoh (Night Light; far left), and Yokaze (Night Breeze; middle). They're crafted and vertically carved from ebonite, a natural hard rubber. Writing with this perfected 21kt gold nib will bring serenity to your night. 

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fairy Tale - Princess Kaguya - $180 

This pen series is inspired by four Japanese fairy tales which each take place in a different season. Princess Kaguya represents fall, which the pen references the bright red cloth worn by the Princess. This pen has a 14kt sized nib. 

Matthew's Nibworks -

Matthew Chen spent his time as a college student abroad in Japan, he met with various “nib doctors” to confirm the efficacy of his nib grinding techniques; among these include Yoshimune-san of Pen and Message and Tsuchida-san of Pilot. Mr. Nagahara Jr. provided Matthew with extensive guidance during his education on grinding the Naginata Togi nib. Since his return to the United States, he has been under the guidance of the great Michael Masuyama. 
"Customizing fountain pens is my passion, and I look forward to servicing your pens to the best of my ability." - Matthew Chen