Fountain Pens

If you aren't using your pen very frequently we suggest cleaning it once every 4-8 weeks. It's also good to give it a cleaning if you notice your line is skipping or it doesn't feel very nice to write with.

To fully clean a fountain pen takes a little bit of time. These steps will ensure your pen writes as if it was brand new!

1. Take out any ink that is in the pen. If its a cartridge throw it away. If its a converter drip it into the sink or bottle.

2. Take off the front section of the pen and run the nib/section under the fossette. Let water run through and over the nib.

3. Fill a bowl or cup with water and let the nib section rest submerged for about 24 hours. You can also repeat step 2 for the converter if you have one. If you notice the water getting super murky you can swap it out.

4. After they have soaked for a period, shake them into a tissue to get most of the water out of the pen.

5. Let the nib section dry for at least 3 hours. If you put ink into it now you risk getting a icky messy cap.

6. Now that your pen is dry fill it how you like. It should write like brand new!

For bottled ink, as long as it is fountain pen friendly it should work just fine. For cartridges check if your pen takes an international sized cartridge or a brand specific one.

Yes! A lefty can absolutely still use a fountain pen. Left handed people typically prefer a stiffer and finer nib than right handed people.

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