Stamp Caravan at Flax Pen to Paper

The Stamp Caravan is an opportunity to enjoy the world of TRAVELER’S notebook with other users and make new friends. You can also enjoy the ambiance of stores that are passionate about TRAVELER’S COMPANY.

At Flax we are excited to host the Stamp Caravan from August 1st to August 5th

At our store you will be able to customize customize your notebooks with the special TRAVELER’ FACTORY stamps. We will also have our own store exclusive stamp! In addition we also will have a variety of rubber stamps, washi tapes, and various markers, inks, and pens to try!

Not familiar with Traveler's?

Since the birth of TRAVELER’S notebook in 2006, TRAVELER’S COMPANY has continued to design products that you can utilize  to transform every day into a journey.

Customizing this notebook in your own way will  motivate you to  embark on a new journey or travel to an unknown world. At Flax we all enjoy using these notebooks daily.

Read more about Traveler's story here.

Traveler's Notebook Story

Exclusive stickers with purchase!

We also received special stickers that can be redeemed when you purchase a TRAVELER’S notebook or more than 3 TRAVELER’S notebook refills, while supplies last!