Diamine Inkvent Calendar 2023 - Purple Edition

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Diamine is back again launching the 2023 Winter Ink-vent Calendar! Inside you will find a treasure trove of 25 Diamine inks.

These inks are not all purple, there will be many different colors of ink! Inks will have various characteristics such as Standard, Shimmer, Scent, Chameleon, Chameleon & Sheen and the all new Star Bright!

The Calendar has 25 doors one door to be opened each day revealing a surprise bottle of 12ml ink & the last door contains a larger 30ml size bottle

"This box is a perfect for adding a touch of holiday excitement into your stationery collection. Everyday of December various blogs and stationery social media accounts will rate and share their opinions of the various colors. It is a ton of fun!"  - Ryan F. 

Note: The previous Inkvent Calendar was our most popular item of 2022, so to guarantee yourself a box we suggest placing a preorder to be shipped or for pick up!