Kuretake Mt. Yoshino Sakura Wood - Glass Dip Pen

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When Typhoon Jebi hit in 2018, it devastated Japan.  It also knocked over many of the natural Sakura trees which resided in Mt. Yoshino, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Harvesting the Sakura trees here is illegal, but select manufacturers are allowed to use the lumber when the trees fall naturally. On this occasion, their wood was given to Kuretake who would honor these trees through skilled craft. Kuretake hopes by using the barrel carved from these fallen trees, you will feel a "warmth of nature".

This pen comes in two different point sizes. The fine is approximately a 0.7mm point and the medium is approximately a 0.9mm point. Each pen is about 5.7 inches long. 
Over time, the body of the pen becomes more comfortable in your hand. The transparent and beautifully shaped glass nib is made by glass artist Yoshitaka Tajima.

The wooden pen rest is also made of the same natural wood as the barrel.

Each pen and rest is handmade of natural wood, and the color, shape, and texture of the wood surface can vary slightly.