Namiki Emperor Urushi Fountain Pen - Vermillion Red

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The Emperor Collection is Namiki's highest ranking series. This Namiki Emperor Urushi lacquered fountain pen is hand crafter by maki-e artisans (kokkokai) in Japan. Each pen takes months to make. This fountain pen's 18k gold nib is a massive #50 size. The pen fills by eyedropper which allows it an incredibly large ink capacity. The pen comes packaged in a gorgeous presentation wooden box with a bottle of ink. Since each pen in one-of-a-kind, Namiki stands by their product and offers a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service. 

The Urushi Collection brings the large size No.50 pen nib fountain pen of the early 1930’s, dubbed “No.50 Jumbo”, to the present. The ink stopping function is also the same as that of the original. The beauty is deepened by using non-oil lacquer for the final coat and a polishing method called “ Roiro Urushi Shiage (Non-oil lacquer finish)”,
where the process of repeatedly rubbing in raw lacquer after polishing with a special charcoal.

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Note: This item is not available for return once it has been used/filled with ink. Please thoroughly inspect and dry test the pen before you commit to using it.