Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen - Amber

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This fountain pen comes with Pilot's incredibly 14kt gold nib in either fine, medium, or broad. This pen has large ink capacity and fills by a fascinating vacuum mechanism. This pen is on the larger side, and is incredibly balanced with or without the cap posted. To fill the pen, unscrew the knob on the back until it turns freely. Pull on the plunger until it is fully extended. Dip the nib into the bottle of ink so that it is completely submerged, then push the plunger down. The pen will fill with about 3/4 of ink if it was a good fill. Then wipe the grip section and top of the nib with a paper towel or tissue. When using the pen for more than a quick note make sure to give the back section a twist or two to relieve the pressure, for optimal ink flow. 

This pen can only be used with ink bottle, it can not use cartridges. This pen comes in a gift box with a 70ml bottle of blue ink!