Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen - Clear

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The Pilot Custom 823 fountain pen is an iconic choice that exudes timeless elegance. Its demonstrator-style design is available in three captivating options: a smoky grey barrel, a captivating amber barrel, or a NEW clear barrel, all adorned with exquisite gold accents that radiate an aura of refined sophistication. This exceptional pen features a 14 karat gold #15 nib, adding to its luxurious appeal.

With the largest ink reservoir in Pilot's collection, the Custom 823 ensures uninterrupted writing pleasure. Its unique vacuum plunger system allows for easy refills with Pilot's bottled ink, guaranteeing a consistently smooth and enduring writing experience. Elevate your writing with the Custom 823, a symbol of enduring style and
unmatched craftsmanship. Available in Fine, Medium, Broad, or Signature nib offerings, it caters to your unique writing preferences.

• Fine (F): Designed with a hard tip, this nib is perfect for precise fine lettering.
• Medium (M): With a firm nib tip, this option is well-suited for clear and medium-width lettering.
• Broad (B): This hard nib is tailored for bold lettering, producing striking lines.
• Signature (S): Crafted with an elegant flair, the Signature (S) nib blends the broader aspects of traditional nibs with the artistic flair of stub nibs, enabling stylish strokes and enhanced personal expression in your handwriting. Designed for increased flexibility, this nib allows for subtle variations in line width with changes in writing pressure.