PLOTTER 2024 Monthly Schedule Refill - A5 Size

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The dated Monthly Schedule Refill is meticulously designed to maximize the use of limited space and to provide a dated planner functionality to your PLOTTER Leather Binder A5 Size. It includes a monthly schedule at a glance, while the margin provides space to note down tasks or to-do lists. 

The material of the paper is durable and less prone to tear and wear. Yet, it is thin and light enough to fit into the slim profile of PLOTTER Leather Binders and has a smooth writing experience. You can use a variety of writing tools such as pens or fountain pen inks on this paper without feathering and bleed-through.

The pages are rounded to maintain paper durability. The colors of the printing do not interfere with your thinking, allowing you to use your creativity and open up the future. 

The Monthly Schedule includes the below appendices:

Appendix 1: Annual Calendar from 2024 to 2025 with space for entering tasks for the year.
Appendix 2: To Do list and 2mm grid memo page.
Appendix 3: In addition to the age chart, there is also information on "Zodiac sign information", "Ichi-ryuu-man-bai-bi 一粒万倍日 (days of prosperity and luck)", and "Tensha-bi 天赦日 (auspicious days)". A personal data page is useful in case of loss.
Appendix 4: "PLOTTER Magazine Vol.019 Izumi Minako".


Body / DP paper (cream)*
Body size / H8.3"× W6" (210mm X 148mm)
Country of origin / Made in Japan
From December 2023 to March 2025, 17 sheets in total (excluding samples and appendices)

* “DP paper” is an abbreviation for “Designphil Pocketbook paper”, a specially formulated original notebook paper.


WARNING: California’s Proposition 65