Private Reserve Ink Infinity 30ml Ink (with eco formula) - Green

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Private Reserve Infinity Ink is a premium line of fountain pen inks known for their exceptional color saturation, reliable performance, and versatility. These inks are made using high-quality materials and are carefully crafted to ensure consistent results with every use. One of the standout features of Private Reserve Infinity Inks is their intense and vibrant hues that make writing pop off the page. Additionally, these inks are highly resistant to fading, and feathering, ensuring that the writing looks just as good months or even years later.

The most important feature of Private Reserve Infinity Ink collection is its extended cap off time. This means that the pen can be left uncapped for a certain period of time and ink will still be fresh and ready to write. The specially formulated composition of the ink prolongs its cap off time “infinitely” and prevents the ink from evaporating, drying and clogging the feeding system. This is especially helpful for those who frequently need to pause their writing for brief periods of time, such as students taking notes during a lecture or professionals in a fast-paced work environment. Despite this, the ink dries quickly on paper, reducing the risk of smudging and transferring onto other surfaces. The balance of extended cap off time and quick drying is a key advantage of Private Reserve Infinity Inks and one that sets the ink collection apart from many others.