Private Reserve Quick Dry Ink (60ml) - Midnight Blue (Blue Black)

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Private Reserve ink collections are available in variety of rich and vibrant colors with cutting edge ink technologies. The Inks are created as go-to tools for a wide range of projects. These inks are perfect for left handers and the quick writers out there!

These Private Reserve inks are proudly made and packaged in the USA. They are vibrant, smooth flowing, and fast drying, providing excellent coverage. The inks are neutral in pH and offer a great writing experience for any fountain pen. Offering six gorgeous colors, these inks are a great way to expand your writing options. Regardless of your speed of writing, fast dry inks will produce exceptional mess free results that will allow writers and artists to produce quality work efficiently. The FAST DRY inks are great for left-handed writers and artists. Create amazing masterpieces swiftly with fast dry inks! FAST DRY INKS FEATURES: 60 ml (2.03oz) bottle with wide opening to fit any fountain pen; Premium Quality; Neutral pH; Smooth ink flow; Vibrant colors; Brilliant Hues; Non-clogging; No feathering; Fast drying; Excellent Shading.