Sailor Manyo Dual Shading Fountain Pen Ink - Hinoki

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Sailor Manyo Hinoki is a dual shading ink, which gradient different colors than their base colors when pooling into the areas of high and low concentration on the page.
Therefore, dual shading inks give a lot of visual depth on the page. For a more dramatic effect use a broader nib, and smoother high quality paper. 

This ink series has 8 inks in its original release, 8 in their second release, and now 4 in their newest release of July 2022. 

Manyo 'AYAME' is the green grey that shades purple and grey.
Manyo 'HINOKI' shades from blue grey to purple and green.
Manyo 'FUJI' is a light purple that shades to different purples.
Manyo 'KOKE' shades from light green to purple and green.