Solar Ornithopter - enn

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The Solar Ornithopter flaps its wings using the solar energy obtained from the sun and flies around by utilizing the propulsion power generated thereby. It is activated by light, and it is friendly to the environment. Therefore, can be displayed at any location without concern for the power supply. In addition, no sound is generated due to the pendulum mechanism, featuring the design with consideration for enjoyment even in a quiet living space.

The model ‘enn’, which flaps its wings in fish-like motion, is based on a circular shape with soft curves. The inorganic and simple design is finished with many metal parts to truly capture the feeling of movement that comes from it.

  • Size: W6.30” x D1.97” x H5.90”
  • Material: Stainless steel, Brass, Polycarbonate
  • Country of origin: Japan