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The jeweler was a tall, meager, nervous man, very dark, dressed in the English fashion and wearing a pith helmet. Remarkable about him was his long white hair contrasted with a sparse black beard, indicating a mestizo origin. To avoid the glare of the sun he wore constantly a pair of enormous blue goggles, which completely hid his eyes and a portion of his cheeks, thus giving him the aspect of a blind or weak-sighted person.. For the most shading, this ink pairs best with broader/wet nibs and Tomoe River paper

Note: Due to the high cost of importing these inks from the Philippines, offering free shipping on these items is very difficult for us as a small business. Consider picking up a few non-troublemaker items while you are here! :)

Troublemaker inks are an artisanal alternative to contemporary fountain pen inks. Everything from the mixing, bottling, and packaging is done by hand. From one small business to another show your support for the little guys! Troublemaker inks maintain an economic price-to-mL ratio because they don't put a premium on them. 100% of your purchase goes to the materials, transport, and directly supporting the people creating your ink. As a small business, Flax is happy to have space on our shelves for Troublemaker's exciting line of inks! 

Tips: With shimmer inks we suggest cleaning your pen regularly and remember to lightly swirl the bottle before filling, and the pen before use. With high shading inks they work best in broader, wetter pens (I like TWSBI medium and broad), and on paper such as Tomoe River!